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Midwifery apprentice training

Welcome, to all who would keep the beauty way as we were created to do.

If you are a visual learner and feel annoyed about reading, don’t do it. I’d rather share with people who are relaxed and happy. As you grow you will feel the need to refer to these books.

pelvisThe 1st Course will be a study of the pelvic bones and the bones of the fetal head, specifically their relationship to one another.
We will learn the types of pelvises, how to identify them and the possible deformities.
The importance of pelvic exams will be stressed throughout the training as this has become the lost art of midwifery.
Pelvic exams should be mastered in order to be ready for the second course.

bellyIn the 2nd Course we will study conception and all its relative subjects including a part of endocrinology that may answer the problems of infertility today.
Pre-natal care including the spiritual and psychological aspects in each trimester, empowering the pregnant woman to take responsibility of her pregnancy and childbirth, to find her bearing instincts. To facilitate this we will be growing and harvesting herbs for pregnancy and childbirth as well as how to apply them on an individual basis and to raise our children.
Recommended books to enhance this course is The Secret Life Of The Unborn Child, and Special Delivery workbook by Rahima Baldwin.

waterbirthThe 3rd Course will encompass labor and delivery on several levels. We will study how women in different cultures give birth as well as finding our own bearing instincts. Applying ways to bring back what has been taken from us.
This course can be facilitated and understood better if each of you comes with knowledge of your own birth into being.
We will explore the ‘labor’ of our babies and the many reasons and ways they position their tiny heads to present themselves. We, as helpers and gateways to women, need to guide, and sometimes lead them to that place of total relaxation and breathing to feel that pure being come through them.

worldpregnancyThe 4th Course will teach us how we are related to water and water births! We will discuss each of our experiences with water in our lives and explore the wonderful world of babies born in water. I will have some sort of hot tub for us to process. I have a portable, but not sure the plug will accommodate.
We will include post partum care and early childhood here as it is related to water births.
Francoise Souverville C.C.E./midwife
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