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Childbirth Course For Men

waterbirthHow to maintain the energy for your baby to arrive ?

Every step can be visualised with the number three !!!

{jcomments on}Also, find a method to keep her in ALPHA mode, that’s the state of mind when we enter into sleep…..where we still hear everything around us but the body is sleeping. It can be a light stroking on the shoulders or arms, or little kisses, or just looking closely in each others eyes….find your OWN method. When the rushes are coming every one minute to two minutes apart and lasting 60 to 90 seconds long (sometimes they’re back to back), she should be maintaining ALPHA mode. With each rest she should be almost asleep….because that’s what the baby is doing!

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Using water to heal during birth

One only has to barely search to find the unlimited ways water can heal. Water therapy has been utilized for centuries. But I am concerned only with childbirth. You might ask the question, "to heal what?"

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The importance of pelvic examination

{jcomments on}The lost art of midwifery starts with the knowledge of the woman's pelvice.  Some women just 'need' that extra reassurance.  Having the knowledge of their individual pelvis instills assured trust in their capability of the birthing experience.

Male and_Female_Pelvis

For the midwife this knowlege can accomodate the baby's path if their were to be complications.  This is expecially beneficial with VBACs.  I guarantee that every apprentice will learn how to do a complete  pelvic exam......without this knowledge the apprentice is unable to continue to the next course. 

The Lost Art of Herbs

mamacita in the mountain 002

The art of growing, harvesting and drying, bottling herbs has lost its function in our fast pace lives. When women are blessed with pregnancy and childbirth, the benefits of slowing their lives and themselves down are countless. Not to mention the fact that the foetal neurological development is determined largely by the happiness and comfortableness of the pregnant woman.

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