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Spirituality in Childbirth

Strain is strength; if there is no strain, there is no strength. There are three events that make women apart from men. These events give her spiritual strength. She can grow from them or she can let satan deceive her, as he did Eve, and miss her chance to grow. These events are; menstruation, childbirth, and menopause.

Satan can steal your goods but he can never steal your joy!! (that is a title of a book by Jerry Seville) He has had a stronghold on childbirth for most of the last century, and he is gathering his forces in this new century leading women to become blind of the truth. Through many hundred deliveries, and many battles with the deceiver, I have seen the power of the Holy Spirit prevail. In my 40yrs. experience, these are the truths that I have come to know. That is, we are born with these truths, but somehow we loose them. With discipline and listening to His guidance, we can regain what we have lost. Of course, it is a constant learning and opening. We will probably always be learning what we have lost until we cross over.

  1. Yahweh made woman to reproduce. Her pelvis is heart shaped to bear children. Man’s pelvis is tubular-shaped with a funnel descent. There are many variations and it is possible for a woman’s pelvis to be similar to a man’s, I have seen two in almost one thousand.
  2. Yahweh gave woman emotional strength to overcome ALL physical strain in childbirth – through the strain comes the spiritual strength. She must overcome her physical strain and come face to face with her Creator to allow His new creation to come forth. Then, and only then, woman-ness transforms into mother, nurturer, provider, guide, and most importantly, a spiritual mother.
  3. Through this new spiritual strength and knowledge Yahweh gives woman/mother the capacity to raise the child in truth according to His will, how she/he will reproduce. It comes naturally and in many ways easier than the woman who chooses to numb the physical strain and give her body to medical technology. However, Yahweh is merciful, good, and patient. He gives us more chances with every pregnancy until we get it. Thank you Lord.

When our Creator gave Eve instructions on how she would bear her children, she did not have a choice. Genesis 3:16 NIV says “with pain you will give birth to children” The new King James version ways, “in sorrow thou shall bring forth children”. That is a study in itself! The point I want to make is that when Yahshua died for us on the cross, He took away that curse along with all our suffering. It is possible to come face to face with Him and give Him the pain, to bring forth His creation in love, dignity and joy. I have done it and I have seen many women do it.

Yahweh engineered women to His design. We all have to follow the same instructions to accomplish it. Plead the blood of Yahshua over the stronghold in childbirth. Focus on Him and trust that He will accomplish it. Be honest with our darkness. Believe that we are fearfully and wonderfully made, according to His liking. Then we will see many miracles, healings, and maybe even revivals. We will create a new and different generation all for His glory.


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