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Terms based on People's Names

  • Brandt-Andrews:
  • a technique for delivering the placenta with controlled cord traction. (I generally do this if time and desire of woman goes too far)
  • Pastore:
    pressing on the contracted fundus to deliver the separated placenta
  • Braxton-Hicks:
    normal uterine contractions of pregnancy[Grin]
  • Trendelenburg Position:
    Shock position-- head lower than body.
  • Simm's position:
    Mother delivering on her side.
  • McRoberts:
    "Knees in the elbows" (off-topic warning -- "I: think it's un-physiologic and not particularly helpful, but maybe the best we can do with an epidural[sigh])
  • Munro-Kerr:
    Checking if the baby's head over-rides the mother's pubic bone (all right, symphysis)...
  • Bandl's Ring:
    pathologic retraction ring, sign of obstructed labor and impending uterine rupture: may-we-never-see-one!
  • Fergusson Reflex: !
    "I gotta PUSH!" reflex -- I still vote for calling it the Jane sign after all those "Jane Does" who gave the doc the idea[Grin]..This is when you take deep inhales and short blows (with cheeks out) on exhale!! to prevent pushing and experience your baby coming down FASTER than pushing!!!!
  • Ritgen Maneuver:
    Controlling the flexion and extension of the crowning head through pressure over the perineum (or rectum).
  • Bracht's Method:
    Technique for breech delivery (makes more sense than the others, I think, but I bow to experience in this.....The method shown in Spiritual Midwifery is called:

  • Mauriceau-Smellie-Veit
    putting your finger in the baby's mouth  (with a breech)and using the other hand for traction over the baby's shoulders.

  • Potter
    's Version: internal cephalic to breech version. We don't do it[Grin].
  • Naegele's Rule:
    "Due date".. LMP plus 7 days minus 3 months..
  • Hegar Sign:
    softening of the joining where cervix and body of uterus meet (earliest reliable sign of pregnancy)
  • Chadwicks Sign:
    Blue tinge to vagina (starting 6th week of pregnancy). Battledore Placenta: cord inserted at edge of placenta
  • Schultze Mechanism:
    Placenta delivers "inside --fetal side --out.
  • Duncan mechanism:
    Placenta delivers Mom's side out --- (off topic; I'll bet these two silly and meaningless terms are on every midwife's and OB's final exam!)
  • Leopold's Maneuvers:
    The "method" for finding a baby's lie and position -- more often now called 'Abdominal Palpation' or just "feeling the baby"[Grin]
  • Pawlick's Grip:
    feeling the baby's head with one hand to find position and see if it's descended into the pelvis. (I teach other ways of seeing if it's descended)
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