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Childbirth Course For Men

waterbirthHow to maintain the energy for your baby to arrive ?

Every step can be visualised with the number three !!!

{jcomments on}Also, find a method to keep her in ALPHA mode, that’s the state of mind when we enter into sleep…..where we still hear everything around us but the body is sleeping. It can be a light stroking on the shoulders or arms, or little kisses, or just looking closely in each others eyes….find your OWN method. When the rushes are coming every one minute to two minutes apart and lasting 60 to 90 seconds long (sometimes they’re back to back), she should be maintaining ALPHA mode. With each rest she should be almost asleep….because that’s what the baby is doing!

Once the head is completely in the birth canal (vagina) she will be able to blow (with cheeks puffed out) like blowing out a candle with every exhale….inhale and blow (little blows, not one long blow). She will then be in control because she will FEEL the head moving when she blows….and will KNOW when to stop. You will start seeing your baby’s head at this point and she might be able to feel it with her hand as well, which will help….between rushes. All this will make sense to you when the time comes !

Always think that you are 3 working TOGETHER to ease the PATH of your baby. He/she determines when he/she is ready to come by producing a hormone that passes into the mother’s bloodstream. That hormone stimilates the pituitary gland to start labor !! Your baby starts his/her OWN PATH.

Your responsibility is to listen to your baby and help him on his/her first path into the physical world. Welcoming your baby in water will make this communication not only possible, but favorable ; allowing both mother and child less trauma, therefore, more energy and concentration.


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