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cheminMy arrival from France, on a ship The Queen Mary, in 1956 was brought about from my parents eloping.

My biological father was Russian and my mother, being French, could not raise me alone so she found another French man who would marry her if they came to the US. She used to tell me stories of my childhood drifting with the country gypsies in the south (Le Midi), where we lived before our voyage.
She could always find me among them either singing or dancing or just spending time with them. I believe these ancient nomads inspired my innate love and wonder of herbs and natural healing. My destiny as a midwife was clearly marked when I turned three as my mother's pregnancy with my brother sparked an incessant interest in childbearing and women's health.  We left for the US when I was 6.
My parents did their best to raise me by upper class standards in the Washington DC area, and gave me every opportunity to live up to the North American dream they had found. But on my 18th birthday I left to find my destiny, which ended up in Colorado two years later with an OB/GYN who trained me for three years to be a midwife. I attended five yrs. of schooling and have been continuously self educated.
I have come to believe that each of us is created to achieve our peak potential while in these physical bodies. Very few succeed and those that do are, for the most part, prosecuted and/or ignored. I was in the US for half a century. I came back where I was born to help the people of my country understand their health. After only 1 1/2yrs. I was arrested for practicing without a liscense...
I was watched closely for 1 1/2yrs. before my trial March 16 2010 and given 18mos. I achieved my potential well and now have to move on because the French laws are still in the midieval times and I will always do what I do until the end of my days.

On a good note several countrys have invited me to come so I'm off to visit the world.....And here I have continued three more years...and now in Spain, am looking to become legal as an Elder Midwife!  Life is interesting.  I am teaching and assisting waterbirths as I travel to peoples homes.{jcomments on}

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