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Class Two

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CLASS TWO: Normal Labor & Delivery

  1. Discussion of birth plans - if anyone wants to go over hers in detail she can schedule a private consultation
  2. Signs of Impending Labor
    * Discuss how the following signs will differ between multips and primips
    1. How she will probably feel the days preceding labor
    2. Descent and Engagement
    3. Bloody show
    4. Broken waters
    5. Contractions and early labor/first stage
  3. Active Labor (with doll and pelvis)
    1. Explanation and demonstration of second stage
    2. Benefits of laboring in water
    3. Pushing vs. Blowing - detailed explanation, research, etc.
  4. Important Things to Remember
    1. Nourishment during labor and delivery - food and drink; explanation of how maternal exhaustion leads to complications
    2. Importance of how they feel with the environment, people, positions, etc
    3. Profiles in Pregnancy handout & discussion of communication skills
    4. Supplies for homebirth - HANDOUT
  5. Questions/Homework for next class - write their fears of labor and complications
  6. Stretching/Breathing
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