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Class Three

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CLASS THREE: Making decisions during labor

  1. Discuss last homework from last class - fears of labor and complications
  2. Discussion of pain in childbirth
    1. Cultural ideas of pain - how pain is often associated with "something is wrong"
    2. The power of one's fear and thoughts
    3. Influence of our mothers' ideas of childbirth
  3. Factors that affect pain
    1. Increase: hunger, tiredness, attention to pain, etc
    2. Decrease: satisfaction, being rested, etc
    3. Effects of being in water for pain
  4. Methods of pain management
    1. Relaxation - how it eases tension
    2. Breathing - different kinds of breathing and the use of each during labor
    3. Awareness of birth scene energy
    4. Good labor support - communication, touch
    5. Position changes - which positions are best
      *The key of all the above is PREPARATION - relaxation exercises, peri massage, communication building with partner
  5. Perineal massage - explanation and demonstration
  6. What fathers should do to support mothers - HANDOUT from Ch 7
  7. Complications vs. Emergencies - explanation of the differences between them, examples of each and how they are prevented and managed
  8. Keeping things in perspective - p 127 - reaffirmation of birth as a normal physiological process
  9. Questions/Homework for next class: write their dreams about their births and babies
  10. Stretching/Breathing
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