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Class Four

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CLASS FOUR: After the birth

  1. Discuss last homework from last class regarding dreams
  2. Normal third stage and immediate postpartum
    1. Birth of the placenta
      1. physiology of placental detachement and signs - cord lengthening, more contractions, separation gush
      2. what a normal placenta looks like - two arteries/one vein, amniotic/chorionic sacs, tree of life
      3. when the cord is cut
      4. what people do with the placenta, including placentatherapy
    2. Condition and care of the mother postpartum
      1. checking the uterus to make sure it has clamped down
      2. importance of getting baby latched
      3. importance of getting her fed
      4. importance of first hour of bonding
      5. importance and explanation of herb bath
    3. Condition of baby immediate postpartum
      1. explanation of how baby will look - blue, molded head, vernix, swollen face, etc
      2. how quickly baby should breathe after coming out of water
      3. normal heart rate and respirations
      4. normal mucous and suctioning
      5. explanation of how baby cannot bleed to death out cord
      6. importance of immediate skin-to-skin contact
      7. explanation of how water birth minimizes shocks to baby and how babies respond to waterbirths

  3. First Days Postpartum
    1. Condition of mother
      1. normal bleeding and cramping
      2. breastfeeding - colostrum, milk, breast issues
      3. need for rest, nourishment and support
      4. typical emotions
    2. Condition of baby
      1. normal patterns of eating, sleeping, pooping/meconium
      2. jaundice - why it occurs and what to do
      3. cord site and care
    3. Technicalities
      1. registering with the mairie
      2. PKU test
      3. recommended visit by doctor, homeopath

        Stress the importance of having arranged help with food, housework, etc; father needs rest too!
  4. Next few weeks
    1. Mom - emotions, bleeding, breasts, need for exercise and nourishment for breastfeeding
    2. Baby - changes in patterns at six weeks, normal issues like colic, etc.
  5. Mama circle - stories from other postpartum moms
  6. Potluck and invitation to bring baby back! Good luck and thank you!
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